Deltabager is changing

Jan Klosowski ·

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As all dollar-cost averaging members of our community celebrate Bitcoin approaching the all-time high, we are hard at work opening the next chapter where Deltabadger becomes a true one-stop shop for long-term investors.

What will change?

DCA is not going anywhere; quite the opposite. We’ll improve the interface and reliability of this winning portfolio-building strategy.

However, for many of us already holding significant portfolios, managing it over time presents the next challenge. Here enters portfolio rebalancing.

Thanks to rebalancing, you can decrease your portfolio’s volatility and take profits along the way, outperforming simple “hodling.” What’s most exciting is that we bring this to you with smart algorithms that apply Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) to asset allocation, allowing you to benefit from tools previously reserved for professional portfolio managers. We’re proud to be the first to introduce them to the crypto market.

The first version we launch will be our take on the Permanent Portfolio. The original concept, presented by investment analyst Harry Browne in the 1980s, comprises equal allocations of stocks, bonds, gold, and cash or Treasury bills. Our version includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Pax Gold, and the fiat/stablecoin of your choice. By combining those uncorrelated assets, we create a portfolio that protects capital across various market scenarios.

However, we’ve improved the original concept by integrating decades of MPT wisdom, enabling users to tailor the allocation precisely based on hard data and their risk appetite. We’ll share more about this powerful concept as we approach the launch. For now, to spice things up, here’s a small preview:

Permanent Portfolio

This is just the beginning, followed by the ability to create and manage any portfolio of your choice.


We plan to launch the first version in April, and it’s just the beginning. The final goal is the creator that allows you to build a portfolio of your own.

Why it matters now?

You are experiencing the last two months of the old Deltabadger, which presents an exciting opportunity. After this period, pricing for the service will change. The 4-year plan will be discontinued, leaving only annual or (limited) lifetime subscriptions:

  • Basic plan that allows running 5 bots ($99/year).
  • Advanced plan that allows running up to 20 bots ($199/year).
  • Legendary Badger (NFT) plan, which is a lifetime subscription allowing up to 100 bots, but the price will increase with every sale.

All current plans will remain unaffected for those who already have them. Therefore, if you purchase the Hodler plan now, you’ll be able to enjoy the platform with no limits for the next 4 years at the price of effectively two years of the Advanced plan.

This is the last moment to secure unlimited access to Deltabadger for the coming years.

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