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A bullet-proof strategy of dollar-cost averaging.
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Automated Dollar-Cost Averaging on Binance, Gemini and Kraken. Automated Dollar-Cost Averaging on Binance, Gemini and Kraken.

Mary invests in Bitcoin with a peace of mind.

She created a weekly recurring bank transfer for €100 to her Gemini account. Then her bot spends it on Bitcoin in small purchases making her investment strategy effortless.


Matteo enjoys advanced control and zero fees.

He runs a limit order bot that sets orders 0.1% below the current price. On Binance, it offsets both spread and market maker fees completely, so he always gets the best price.


Cryptocat44 is DCA-ing into 30 different tokens.

On FTX, he builds a portfolio that includes Tesla and Coinbase stocks together with many cryptos. He uses bots to accumulate swing positions and sell them when they're in profit.

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DCA into the fastest appreciating market.

Connect one of popular exchanges and set recurring purchases on your desired schedule. You can run as many bots as you want to DCA into your favorite cryptocurrency portfolio.

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What is saying:

The magic of dollar-cost
averaging in 4 easy charts

1Wait… what is DCA?

DCA is a strategy of investing where you buy an asset for a fixed amount on a regular schedule regardless of its price. You get more of the asset when the price is lower, and less of it when the price is higher. As a result, instead of taking big short-term bets, you get a fair average price.

DCA keeps you away from the emotional roller coaster, short-term risk, and decision-making anxiety.

Regular purchases Average price

2Should I wait for correction to start?

No. For an appreciating asset, it's always better to start earlier, even at the top! Eventually, the price will go higher, and whoever started earlier ends up with lower average price.

Earlier = better average price

3Why is it better than a lump sum investment?

In the short-term, the price may still go up, down or sideways. Lump sum wins only in the first scenario. DCA wins in two others. The magic of DCA puts you in green even if the price didn't change at the end.

$10 = 1 $10 = 0.5 $10 = 0.5 $20 $10 $5 $10 = 2 $10 = 2 Lump sum = 5 units DCA = 6 units

4Can I improve DCA with RSI or Mayer Multiple?

Not really. Oscillators don't work well in an upward trend. The next bottom is often higher than the previous top. There is no automated strategy that wins with DCA, because DCA is simply investing in the market trend which can't be beaten consistently with any math formula.

Price Mayer Multiple $732 MM = 5.15 $2298 MM = 1.4
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